A Mantra To Keep You Sane With Puppy Nipping

A Mantra To Keep You Sane With Puppy Nipping

It’s Tuesday so in my house it’s floor day.  So I’m sitting here sweeping away.  And the piles of fur are piling up.  It’s everywhere! And I’m starting to feel overwhelmed.

I’m thinking there has got to be a way that I can never have any more fur to clean up, or at least less! So my train of thought goes like this:

There must be something that I’m missing. I know I’m brushing my dog and bathing my dog. There must be a secret tip or something I don’t know so as to have less fur to clean up.
Hmm..I should talk to a groomer. Shoot I’ll even pay my groomer to tell me how to groom my lab professionally so it doesn’t shed as much anymore. I want to know everything at this point.
There’s got to be something I can do!
OK I’m getting a little bit intense here…
This desperation reminds me when my puppy parents come to me when they are faced with the biting…


It’s nonstop, it’s all the time and it’s driving them crazy.

Because the truth is I have a lab and labs shed, same thing goes for puppies, puppies bite a lot.
Our job is to make sure it doesn’t continue into adulthood.
So for example, with my lab’s shedding I
can only minimize it as much as I can with the tools that I’m given.  There is no secret cure unless I shave this dog.  And I’m not doing that! Same thing goes for your puppy…I don’t think getting rid of all its teeth might help.


Psshh, What Do I Know?

I pet sit puppies all the time.  I also train puppies pretty exclusively.  It’s like working with a little piranha.  I get it! It’s frustrating and painful!  There are even some dogs that take longer to stop nipping than others. You may also feel like your puppy is aggressive or “dominant” although that’s not the case.  It is even worse when you have children and they are being nipped. If you’re concerned please contact meWhat I can do is give you the tools, techniques and exercises so that your dog doesn’t keep nipping into adulthood and also tell you what is making the nipping worse (so you can stop doing those behaviors).

So you’re mantra is: It is only temporary.


In the comments below, let me know what you’re doing to get through this sharp teeth stage?


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