How To Stuff A Kong

How To Stuff A Kong

Don’t know exactly what a kong is and how it works?  Read What’s A Kong?

I usually grab a little bit of peanut butter (xylitol free) and plug up the small hole in my large kong.1

I like to grab a mug and put the kong in it.

Place kong upside down.  The larger hole will be at the top.

Now I like to begin stuffing with my ingredients.

Once all full, I take the mug with the kong still inside and place it in the freezer.
Give to your dog for when guests come over, when you are cooking, when you are eating etc. to keep them occupied and not underfoot.


Stay tuned for a post on my favorite kong recipes and other cool ones I’ve found!

For even more recipes check out my pinterest board Kong Recipes @ camidogtraining



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