No-Sew DIY T-shirt Dog Toy

No-Sew DIY T-shirt Dog Toy

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Ok, let’s be real.. I know it hurts you to pay for toys you know your dog is going to destroy.  It kinda feels like burning cash.  I can say things like, “Just make peace with that fact” or “That’s what toys are for!”  But I doubt it will bring you any solace.

So let’s be proactive just like with our dog training.  Below is a dog toy you can make with an old t-shirt!  So grab it and the 2 other supplies and follow along with the video.  Video starts at 1:37


1 T-Shirt
1 Ball

  1. You do have to braid at one point but I will teach you how if you don’t know!
  2. Bigger shirts equal longer toy

This was filmed on the Periscope app (@camidogtraining) where I live stream and viewers comment in real time.  This idea is from Eileen at Yes Missy.


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