Hello, and thank you for stopping by to see how I can help you.  I’m not the right fit for every doggy parent so please take a moment to ensure I will meet your needs.

I’m a trainer for the puppy parent who wants to get everything right the first time and not waste time.  Every single minute that they spend with their trainer in a session is to be meaningful and completely focused on their dog.  I’m the trainer for the person who wants ease of use and efficiency, choosing private in home training sessions to save them even more time and stress.

I’m the trainer for the puppy parent who wants all day customer service and immediate responses to any concerns they may have.  Who wants to feel completely taken care of and have their questions answered before they even know what to ask.

I’m the trainer for the puppy parent who knows I’ll be thinking about the future so they don’t have to and they can just enjoy their dog in the present moment.  Who wants someone that will be emotionally invested in the success of the relationship they have with their dog.

I am a positive reinforcement trainer and will be using science based methods to train your dog.  I will never use force, fear or punishment as tools.  If you believe pain is a necessary component to teaching I am not the right fit for you.  Although the “being the alpha” theory has long been disproven, I am not saying you should be a doormat.  Instead I can teach you how to be a loving parent, an effective leader, that proactively guides your dog towards desirable behavior.

Let’s practice patience, understanding and consistency.  I can teach you how to train your dog in a way that will feel like you are not even “training” at all, while building a lasting and trusting bond.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

Puppy School

Puppy Foundations  5-week Class $375.00

Puppy Life-Basics 5-week Class $375.00

Adult School

Basics & Manners 5-week Class $375.00

Canine Good Citizen Class

5-week prep class & Test $375.00

Individual Sessions

4 hour package – $300.00