“She taught us how to train our dog and gave us some valuable starting commands. She was available for questions about training our puppy in general and was an invaluable resource. For example, she advised us to get the puppy used to the sound of clippers before we had her groomed for the first time. It made bringing our puppy into the house a far more pleasant experience. I strongly recommend Cami.”

Marvin F.

“My experience with Cami has been wonderful! She has been training my 1.5 year old golden mix on leash walking and general manners. Cami is an excellent trainer with lots of patience. Before our lessons, my dog would drag me around from place to place. After our lessons and practice, I’ve learned so much and seen improvements. Cami is also very flexible with my work schedule. She does the trainings in home and around my neighborhood.”

Jenny S.

“My puppy, Lani, and I met Camila last night for our consultation and we are very impressed. She is very professional and in just an hour I felt reassured by what I learned from her and by the way she interacted with Lani. We are thrilled that she will be guiding us through this exciting, rewarding, but at times stressful, puppy training ride. Thank you!”

Mayra H.

“Cami worked with my husky Zeus from 6 months old. To learn they basics and then on to intermediate and advanced skills, he adored her and looked forward to seeing Cami. She is professional and thorough. I hope to bring any future dogs to her”

Teri D.

“I have been working with Cami for a few weeks now, and our experience thus far has been fantastic. I have a very young Border Collie puppy who hasn’t finished her vaccinations yet and work full time. This creates a difficult situation, as a young puppy needs exercise but without full completed vaccinations is not a candidate for doggy day care. Cami has set up a schedule with me to either come to my home twice a day to spend time with the puppy or I take my puppy to Cami’s home for petsitting. We have also been doing a class once a week learning all the basics, from good housebreaking techniques, sit, down, leave it, release, and leash walking. I could not be happier. Cami has turned out to be just the kind of situation I was looking for, allowing my puppy to be exercised and socialized with well-mannered healthy dogs by a certified trainer who knows what she is doing and really cares about my little girl!”

Melanie F.

“Cami is extremely helpful in any and all ways she can be. From detailed emails after our sessions, to really hands on training with our dog. Her sessions with Bowser has improved his behaving skills as well as his potty training. I would recommend her to anyone needing help with their pup.”

Rubi D.

“I have a ten week old puppy and I´ve had to sessions with her so far and i´m very satisfied. She is really patient with the dog and the humans. We will continue on working with her. I think with her help we will have a very well mannered dog in the end and I can highly recommend her.”

Janina H.

“Cami has been meeting with us for about a month now, helping us understand and learn to train our first ever puppy. From the very first meeting, Sage, our little marvelous mystery mutt has adored her. It is very obvious that she cares immensely for dogs and her chosen profession.

Training with Cami is about reinforcing positive behavior, so that Sage enjoys the things she is being taught, and is a confident, happy and generously loving pup. She is also very structured and efficient about how she conducts our sessions, and follows each session up with a written concise synopsis of the exercises to be practiced following it.

As i mentioned, we are both first time dog owners. Cami has been an absolute godsend as a resource of information and guidance about issues such as diet, grooming and even vaccinations! She is incredibly generous with her time, making sure to respond immediately to any queries sent to her between sessions.

She has worked with us to train our pup through potty training, early obedience commands and leash walking so far, and we are eager to continue our sessions leading to a final canine good citizen certification for Sagie. We couldn’t be happier and highly recommend her!”

Meghna P.

“My husband and I have a puppy (Shipoo) named Ralph. He developed very bad habits early on, and we tried several different methods to help break the habits. My husband’s friend recommended Cami. When we met her for the first time, Ralph immediately took to her. She was very professional and organized, she asked us specific questions about our/ Ralphs habits and what our goals were. Afterwards, she discussed with us some methods of training. We had a session at our place; Ralph learned so much in just 1 hour! I was ecstatic! The main issue was getting him not to jump all the time, and within that hour he was sitting at what we call “sit spots” door entries / exits. We also travel quite often and she takes Ralph for extended periods of time. She sends us an outline of his day, and keeps us informed on tips for training. My husband and I enjoy reading the outlines, and we can relax on our vacation knowing he’s with the best! Even more importantly, that he’s learning good habits, and not picking up bad habits from other dogs. When he comes home he is a different dog! It’s amazing! She is very personable, kind and very talented. I highly recommend using her services. What I absolutely love about Cami is that she is focused and takes your goals for your pet very seriously; she is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and developing a good relationship with your pet /family member. Ralph loves her, and so do we!”

Kim W.

“Met Laura thru Petsmart as we enrolled our rambunctious 3month old in her obedience classes. She was super patient (esp. with my parents who had never done any kind pet training despite growing up with dogs) and helped us to better communicate with Liah. Her training I feel has allowed us to bond with Liah in a way we had been able to do with previous fur family members. She was a great trainer of not only our pet family member Liah, but a great people trainer for Liah as well!! :)”

Linda L.

“She is very professional and very patient. She gave us great tips during the consultation that helped a great deal and so far our Yorkie is doing good in just a few weeks. She is Affordable and a Effective!”

Natasha R.

“Laura or Cami as she likes to be called, she was great. She had a lot of great information to help potty train our dog Jill. I would highly recommend her. Thanks”

John V.

“So far we’ve only met with Cami once, but we are already impressed. She came to the home to meet us and to meet our puppy. She wrote up a schedule for our training based on what we told her was important to us as well as other things she recommended that we hadn’t thought of. She gave us great ideas and tips that we’ve already put in place before our first official training session and our puppy is already responding and behaving better. She is also keeping in touch with us on a regular basis with tips and suggestions.”

Terri W.

“Laura trained my not-so-friendly mixed breed through several sessions. I was surprised at the ease my dog learned basic behavior with her. Laura also taught me some new tricks – for training and altering behaviors my dog had already adopted. With continued sessions we learned some fun stuff plus advanced behavior modifications. I was extremely pleased, and after nearly a year, continue to be thrilled with her techniques and vast knowledge of dogs and their innate behaviors. I learned a lot about my dog and how to handle some difficult situations. Will recommend and use Laura for all my dog training and home care when out of town. Allison”

Allison M.

“Cami is an outstanding dog walker/ pet sitter. She has been working with us for 2 years and has been extremely reliable and amazing with our pup! She has a great way with animals and will have your dog all trained up in no time and just from walking your best friend! We definitely recommend Cami for all of your pet care needs!”

Lisa R.

“Cami currently comes to our home to walk our dog, Marley, while my husband and I are at work. Also we have hired Cami to pet sit him when we travel, usually just a week at most. We trust Cami with Marley because she has great knowledge with being a dog trainer. What we love the most is she sends us updates of how he is doing, along with pictures of him. On top of her sending us updates we also love that she is always on time with a smile on her face. As of now there are no improvements for Cami as she has greatly outshined my expectations with myself being picky as to whom I leave my dog with.”

Alexandra K.